We understand that clients have own staff, hired informally as is the nature of the domestic services industry.
These informal agreements leave both employer and employee open to abuse and in some instances
transgressions with the regulations that govern employment.
We therefore offer potential clients the service to
1. Develop contractual agreements and manage them on their behalf.
2. Conduct performance assessment and review of own employees, monthly.
3. Register and manage clients’ accounts for COID and UIF.
4. Mediation and Arbitration cases representative and/or management.
5. Skills assessment and training needs analysis.

Essential R99.99

This package allows you to be legally compliant on a basic level. For the monthly description you will

Registration with the Department of Labour

Worker registration with the Department of Labour

UIF registration and payment

Contract generation

Enhanced R149.99

Essential package benefits plus

CCMA representation

Injury on duty insurance for the worker

Premium R299.99

Enhanced package benefits plus

Salary administration and handling

8 hours free service

Training needs analysis